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Prequalification Update

HPT encourages all Subcontractors to fill out the Prequalification Form linked below. HPT will then notify each Subcontractor and assign one of the following statuses:

  • Prime Subcontractor - Firms prequalified to bid directly to HPT

  • Sub-Prime Subcontractor - Firms prequalified to bid to firms that bid to HPT

Subcontractors should expect prequalification statuses to be based on the following criteria:

  • Bonding Capability

  • Ability to handle trade packages of similar size

    • Scopes will be broken down into multiple trade packages to allow for contract opportunities of all sizes

  • Ability to comply with the Project Labor Agreement

    • see ElevateBUR website to review the PLA document​

  • Ability to provide company financial documentation

Prequalification statuses will be distributed once the prequalification window closes for your respective trade. Please review the Bid Opportunities tab to identify that date. If your trade is not yet listed on the Bid Opportunities tab, you are still welcome to proactively submit a prequalification.

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