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Project Labor Agreement

There is a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) in place for this project. Subcontractors are encouraged to review the PLA posted here (on ElevateBUR website). Key aspects of the PLA are outlined here.

Veterans Worker Tracking

Eligible Veterans shall be counted as Area Residents. An Eligble Veteran that is also an Area Resident shall be counted as both a local hire and a Veteran.

Helmets to Hardhats

Both Contractors and the Unions agree to coordinate with Helmets to Hardhats to create and maintain a database of Eligible Veterans interested in working on the project and participating in apprenticeship and employement opportunities for the project.

Disadvantaged Worker Tracking

There is no goal or requirement for Disadvantaged Workers

Craft Request Form

The Craft Request Form is the ONLY document that shows your good faith efforts at meeting the hiring requirements. Continual interface with the HPT Jobs Coordinator and the applicable trade union(s) is suggested to assist in your local hire efforts throughout the contract period.

Local Community Intake - Community Partners

To fulfill the hiring requirement of this project, HPT will request to partner with Career One Stop to identify local craft workers and interested community members. Subcontractors are encouraged to participate in the outreach events and interview sessions to qualify local trade members and those eligible for sponsorship into the applicable union(s)/trade(s).

HPT will seek to partner with Burbank, Pasadena, LAUSD, and Glendale Unified School Districts to engage youth, within the project areas, to educate and encourage STEM / Construction related careers through conducting presentations, and workshops developed for K-12 students. Additionally, this program helps students explore the growing influence of competency-based learning frameworks by incorporating innovative and proactive strategies that focus on career development through hands-on activities, industry presentations / panels, lunch and learns, and much more.

Local Participation Requirements

There are local hire participation requirements for this project. Be advised that the Project Labor Agreement (PLA) requires that 30% of total hours worked should be performed by individuals who reside within the following designated local area zip codes:

Tier 1 - City of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and adjacent portion of Los Angeles Zip Codes


Tier 2 - Selected Zip Codes

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