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DBE Program

Committed to Success

HPT is working closely with BGPAA (Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority) to support both disadvantaged businesses and the local & minority workforce as part of this project. As part of that commitment, HTP will strive to achieve the following goals for this project:


  • DBE Participation Goal: 18%

  • Minority Workforce Participation Goal: 28.30%

  • Female Workforce Participation Goal: 6.90%

  • Local Workforce Participation Goal: 30%


HPT will develop a comprehensive Outreach Program to network and build relationships with DBE firms. We will host a series of outreach events over the course of the project to allow meaningful relationships and connections to be built.


HPT will focus on both prime and sub-prime contracting opportunities for DBE Firms and will endeavor to meet or exceed our goal for this project.


Once DBE firms have secured an opportunity, HPT will support these firms in an effort to help ensure a positive experience for the DBE firm that enhances the portfolio for these firms.

DBE Certification

We encourage all firms that qualify, but may not be currently certified to apply for DBE certification with the California Unified Certification Program. Please click here for more information.

Project Labor Agreement

There is a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) in place for this project. Subcontractors are encouraged to review the PLA posted here (on ElevateBUR website).

HPT will support all Subcontractors with tracking and complying with local participation goals. The process to meet local workforce participation is outlined in Section 3.5 of the PLA, and the list of zip codes which count towards local participation is included as Attachment B.

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